Try This Book!

Have you ever heard of Fish in a Tree?

It’s a book revolving around Ally as she discovers that she has dyslexia, finding friends and discovering she has a place in the world. I would recommend it for 10 year olds and over.

Light-hearted and funny, while exploring deeper themes like belonging.

Suitable for realistic fiction lovers and all round book-lovers.

Try This Series!

Have you ever heard of His Dark Materials?

It’s a trilogy for young adults based around Lyra, an orphan girl travelling to the Arctic to fulfil her destiny, along with her animal-like dæmon, Pantalaimon.

The first book is named Northern Lights or The Golden Compass in some countries. Then again, as with many other series, I suggest you research them following books online and find a way to access them!

Contains violence, mild drug use (alcohol, smoking) and religous references.

Suitable for fantasy/fiction lovers, adventure lovers and all round book lovers.

Try This Series!

Have you ever heard of Warriors or Warrior Cats?

It’s a series aimed at 10-15 year olds and is based around the adventures of feral cats and their fight for survival.

There are many arcs and you would begin with The Prophecies Begin: Into the Wild. Then I would suggest searching for the following books online, then finding them in libraries!

Suitable for animal lovers, fantasy/fiction lovers and all round book lovers.