Short Story

Tears race down my cheeks, staining the paper in salty droplets of water. The red ink glares up at me, laughing mercilessly, proving that I failed my exam. The exam that would determine my future. Gathering my pencils, I open up my laptop, searching my name. One result. After a moment’s hesitation, I follow the link, cautiously reading each single word. It’s embedded in my mind that I couldn’t have possibly received such a low score, after the hours of effort I put into my work. Somebody or something must’ve done this purposely, or I would’ve had my beloved A+. Horror washes over me in fresh waves as I stare at the screen, my thoughts freezing up. Kerrie Armstrong. My teacher, on a chat forum, using incorrect language? Impossible. i wantd revenge on da brat. I got itttttt!!! mwahaha

Acrostic Poems

*Acrostic Poem idea by Nina*

**These are not mine**

Falling is just a path

Achieving is a transit

Inquiring is a school

Lifting is a discipline

Uncovering is a goal

Rebuilding is acceptance

Exploring is a journey





Novel Walls

After writing a novel about a superhero on the entirety of the walls of his house, a Chinese man mysteriously vanished without a trace of where he disappeared to. In my opinion, an organisation may have disliked his works, and decided to detain him. Another theory is he could of left on purpose, thinking of a different life. It’s impossible to guess where he may be now, alive or dead, but personally I think a lot more investigation should’ve been put into this case. Will it happen again? Maybe, but we can never be sure until the day it does.