Here you will find a list of people I select for a shoutout! To be a part of the list you have to leave a comment that’s absolutely amazing, be chosen by me for something special or just do something outstanding. Don’t worry if you don’t get in though, as this is an extremely refined list. It might even end up with only one person by the end of the year! My advice if you want to get in is be your normal self. If you’re already a contributing, passionate or caring person then you’ll have a high change of getting in. Don’t forget, I’m always watching you… always seeing your kindness or even your dark side… and I keep note of it all…

  1. Ms. Armstrong. An amazing and inspiring teacher! Keep going above and beyond!
  2. Greta Thunberg. A role model, encouraging us all to speak out against climate change. I’m with you, Greta!
  3. Mikos, from 5/6A. Thank you for putting the effort into making us all dragons!