Short Story

Tears race down my cheeks, staining the paper in salty droplets of water. The red ink glares up at me, laughing mercilessly, proving that I failed my exam. The exam that would determine my future. Gathering my pencils, I open up my laptop, searching my name. One result. After a moment’s hesitation, I follow the link, cautiously reading each single word. It’s embedded in my mind that I couldn’t have possibly received such a low score, after the hours of effort I put into my work. Somebody or something must’ve done this purposely, or I would’ve had my beloved A+. Horror washes over me in fresh waves as I stare at the screen, my thoughts freezing up. Kerrie Armstrong. My teacher, on a chat forum, using incorrect language? Impossible. i wantd revenge on da brat. I got itttttt!!! mwahaha

Acrostic Poems

*Acrostic Poem idea by Nina*

**These are not mine**

Falling is just a path

Achieving is a transit

Inquiring is a school

Lifting is a discipline

Uncovering is a goal

Rebuilding is acceptance

Exploring is a journey





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